Creative office illumination

The MINO series stands out for its limitless opportunities in creative ceiling design. This LED lighting concept opens up new horizons for architects and lighting designers. The MINO series merges the elegance of light painting with state-of-the-art LED lighting technology.

The recessed version is reduced to a light emitting strip with trimless ceiling integration. Formulated for environments where nothing—especially not a lamp border—will disrupt the ceiling plane.

The MINO family also serves as a creative inspiration for lighting designers and architects. Whether it be round, boxy or curved, star-shaped, U-shaped or in the form of an L; this lighting system offers endless options thanks to the various radii, angles and straight components.

You can use the MINO CURVE individually or in combination with linear profile systems. MINO luminaires are available as surface mounted, recessed or suspended systems. This opens up creative options and allows for unique ceiling and wall designs. With the MINO series, an exclusively linear approach to lighting is a thing of the past.

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