Ultra slim office series

The elegant, simple design of the ⅝” high housing combined with powerful cutting-edge technology turns TASK into a versatile luminaire fit for all the demands of modern office lighting. TASK adjusts to workplace lighting conditions by distributing both direct and indirect light. The microprismatic cover suppresses glare and creates a bright work environment. 

Thanks to its flexibility, the comprehensive TASK series includes all the elements to align with contemporary office architecture. The various TASK combinations allows for a vast array of creative lighting design layouts. The individual pendant lamps connect invisibly and completely without tools. The system luminaires offer many flexible solutions, while ensuring a cohesive design to satisfy your workplace lighting needs.

TASK is extremely flat and features an aluminium housing with rounded edges. The frame is only ⅝”  high with white powder coating. The TASK aircraft cables can be adjusted in height without tools. 

The Light Guiding Prism (LGP) body directs side coupled light upward and downward, the microprismatic cover creates glare-free light with a low UGR < 19. Latest generation, energy-efficient LEDs with high color rendering available in the color temperatures 3000K, 3500K and 4000K with CRI > 80 and various dimming options.

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