Seamless Ceiling Integration


WOODWORKS Grille provides engaging and versatile wood ceilings  with three different widths, four different WoodWorks ceiling types integrated remote driver options.

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Linear Veneered Panels

A natural finish combined with easy installation make PANO Linear Veneered an excellent lighting solution for wood panel ceilings.

Solid Wood Panels

The WOODWORKS Solid Wood Panels are designed exclusively in collaboration with Armstrong® to easily install into standard wood panel ceilings.

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Grid On-Center Linear Lighting

Armstrong® lighting connector brackets make installation quick and easy with no independent suspension required. The brackets must be installed at every LENO location along the ACT ceiling.

LENO Axiom

The AXIOM Direct Light Coves use extruded aluminum to create low plenum clearance, streamlined performance and excellent synergy with the LENO product line.

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LENO integrates with TECHZONE, a ceiling system that allows for a wide range of lighting configurations for a clean and professional finish.

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Drywall and AcoustiBuilt Linear Lighting

Build engaging lighting design with higher ceilings, zero plenum interference to create sleek, modern interior design.

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BASO integrates seamlessly with the ACOUSTIBUILT Acoustical Ceiling System by Armstrong. Combine the clean aesthetics of drywall installation with the performance of an acoustic interior.

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