Class A absorption

The MUSE quietly boasts up to class A sound absorption. Combining 100% recycled PET material with options of a continuous linear opal lens, or a MOVE IT track integration the MUSE is more than a-MUSE-ing to the eyes and ears at 2“ wide, 1‘ tall, and 4', 5', or 6' long. Optional direct/indirect, indirect only, or stand-alone acoustic baffle version. Optional power over suspension cable available, with color temperature consistent to a 3 step MacAdam ellipse in 27K. 30K, or 35K with CRI > 90 and R9 of 65.

Available Insets

Noise reduction

100% PET felt from recycled materials. With the MUSE, noise is no longer an issue. Class A absortion to help get rid of extra noise or echos.

Integrate with MOVE IT SYSTEM.

MUSE is compatible with MOVE IT insets, We've integrated our famous MOVE IT track system into a sleek, seemless, acoustic baffle. MUSE intgrates with all exsisting MOVE IT insets for a flexbile, quiet, modular product.

  • Just 32 Inset

  • Linear Opal insets

  • Multispot Insets

    Color rendering index > 90

    Revolutionary light quality

    In order to visually emphasize the quality and value of merchandise and works of art, it is essential to render their material qualities, feel, and color authenticity as precisely as possible. The high light density and the especially small light surface of the LEDs enable an exact accentuation that perfectly represents the details and three-dimensionality of amorphous surfaces.

    To objectively assess the quality of light sources, the test light source is compared with a reference light source on the basis of 15 selected test colors. The average of the first eight test colors determines the Color Rendering Index (CRI). The highest possible color reproduction value is Ra = 100 (daylight). The high CRI value of the MOVE IT product family is very close to the light quality of the reference light source, which is achieved by an increased proportion of red. Its high CRI value and R9 of 65 make MOVE IT particularly suitable for color-sensitive applications.

    Hover over image to see the differences between CRI >80 and CR >90

    Magnets make life simple

    When combining the MOVE IT track with the MUSE, it allows for ease of installation, customizability and integration throughout two lighting systems.

    Safe catch locking

    Our insets are specially designed with your saftey in mind. In addition to our magnetic connection, any inset that can potentially be bumped into has a physical saftey catch. Our insets wont budge, unless you want them to.

    Small size, high output

    At XAL, high-end light technology is integrated into even the smallest spots. The beam angle of our Just 32 spot with a focus lens can be easily adjusted with the patented slider, which gives you the flexibility to react to changing lighting requirements.

    Invisible illumination

    Multispot insets feature a reduced design vocabulary. LEDs retreat into the background, lending ceilings a perfectly subdued look. The output effectively highlights displayed objects in various settings. Ensuring your lighting is as quiet as the room.

    Project inspiration