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Creating beautiful ceilings

Using a combination of Armstrong® FastSize™ factory-finished ceiling panels and suspension systems, you can easily specify and achieve perfect lighting layouts. Precise distance between ceiling grids through Armstrong® lighting connector bracket. Our integrated system design allows the high performance LENO zero plenum LED light fixture to install from below to eliminate ceiling re-work when specified with factory-finished Armstrong® ceiling panels and ceiling systems. Hide away water pipes, AC ducts or sprinkler pipes. The result are aesthetically pleasing ceilings.

Linear Lighting Integration.

Zero plenum
Two different grid sizes
Quick and easy mounting
Perfect symmetry

Refined technology

Armstrong® Slot Grid

XAL LENO fixture works in Armstrong® 9/16" Suprafine®, Silhouette®, 4" Techzone®, Interlude®, Axiom® cove channel and drywall grid systems.


For its light source, the luminaire uses only high-efficiency LEDs with CRI > 80 and selected color temperatures of 3000 K, 3500 K, and 4000 K. We use the latest generation of long life, up to 40,000 hour LEDs at 90 % lumen maintenance (L 90) with high-performance e LEDs with 3.8 W/ft, e² with 5.5 W/ft or e²+ with 7.5 W/ft.

Modular Wiring System

Optional modular wiring system rated for use on 20-ampere branch circuits. Manufactured from Type MC Cable featuring 90°C insulated, #12 AWG, solid copper conductors, and a #12 AWG insulated, solid copper ground. Easy and fast electrical wiring with 5 -  conductor plug and play conduit through-wire system.

LGP Body

At the heart of the fixture is the Light Guiding Prism (LGP) body.
It receives the laterally coupled light and directs it through the integrated prisms downward.

Integral Driver

Available dimming options range from 0 -10 V, Hi-lume to DALI.


The reflector on top of the luminaire is made up of special material that provides both reflectivity of 96% and diffuse radiation characteristics at the same time.

HPO Cover

The flush-mounted HPO-High Performance Opal cover provides enhanced glare control for uniform illumination.

Snap-In Mechanism

Plug and play system through easy connector technology. The snap-in locking mechanism allows for tool-less installation. Patented.

Optics with outstanding performance of up to 128 lm/W.

LENO conceals innovative lighting technology between the flat frame. Highly efficient LEDs achieve a high lumen output. The light guiding prism optimally redirects laterally coupled light downward.


XAL LENO is only approved for Armstrong® 9/16" Suprafine®, Silhouette®, Interlude®, AXIOM® cove, drywall and TechZone® ceiling systems.

Direct lighting

The integrated direct lighting offers a direct glow that distributes evenly through the room around the fixture.

  • Run configurator

    Continuous and non-continuous linear lighting. Create your ceiling layout to mirror the symmetry of your building design with an on-center linear lighting layout.

    24" ceiling tiles

  • Run configurator

    Continuous and non-continuous linear lighting. Create your ceiling layout to mirror the symmetry of your building design with an on-center linear lighting layout.

    30" ceiling tiles

One simple click

Quick and easy mounting

XAL patented snap-in locking latches offer the fastest install of 4" linear light system on the market. Once Armstrong® 9⁄16" ceiling systems are installed, LENO snaps right in.

Quick and easy mounting

No tools are required thanks to patented snap-in mounting for easy installation of the fixture. Simple and fast electrical wiring with 5-conductor plug and play conduit through-wire system (order separately). Fixtures can be mounted after the Armstrong® ceiling installation is finished, therefore minimizing the coordination of the different trades used in light installation



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Third party kit types

LENO can be integrated with Armstrong products for a range of mounting solutions that allow for a larger range of customization.

Available Apertures


  • Leno

    ARMSTRONG® Drywall Kit

  • LENO

    AXIOM® Cove Kit 6"

  • LENO

    AXIOM® Cove Kit 4"

  • LENO

    Armstrong® Silhouette®

    Zero plenum lights

    Armstrong® ceiling system

    Enjoy a perfectly finished ceiling design with continuous or non-continuous lighting, taller ceiling heights, and zero interference or re-work. You can seamlessly start and stop runs of light, perfectly place the runs over the work plane and design your space with just the right amount of light and never more.

    LENO VS. Tradional Slot Products

    1. Cover up water pipes
    2. Make sprinkler systems more appealings
    3. Hide AC ducts

    Typical constraints with grid-installed luminaires

    Ceiling access is needed for partial installation from below. The required ceiling height varies based on tools needed and on the installers. LENO has no overhead height constraints. It easily installs in true zero plenum applications without ceiling acess. Installation from above needs a minimum amount of plenum space.


    Traditional Slot Product

    Making your room stand out

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